Generally speaking, the younger a person is, the easier they will learn a new language. If you want your children to learn a new language, here are some things that you need to before you start the process.

No matter the age, there is going to be a huge amount of effort that is needed to learn a new language. However, children have an easier time. Think about when you learned English. You most likely do not remember as the learning of a first language is a part of a child’s development.

If you are not sure if your children should learn a second or third language when they are young, you should think ahead. Knowing more than one language is becoming more important, as the world becomes more connected. In the working world, people who are able to speak more than one language are more desirable. This is due to them being able to take on more responsibilities within a company.

If you are looking to improve your children chances of working around the world, the most spoken languages, next to English, are Chinese-Mandarin, Portuguese, and Spanish for business.

Along with giving your children business skills, studies have suggested that children who learn an additional language score higher on standardised tests. They also are better solving problems and are more creative. Learning another language at an early age can help children understand structures of language, which makes it easier to learn another language than ever before.

Children who speak more than one language are also able to connect with people from different areas better. It also helps them appreciate how large the world is, and opens their mind up to new things.

When Should You Start Teaching another Language?

When children are still babies, their minds are still developing and are able to take in many things about the world. This means that if you want your children to learn another language, it should be done before they are teenagers.

However, when children are learning new languages, there should be time given for them to fully understand the language. Quickly moving from one language to the next can confuse them, making hard for the child to be able to express themselves in any of the languages they know.

Knowing more than one language is becoming more important every year. With the world being more connected than ever before, being able to speak more than one language is going to be a necessary skill. Children can be taught languages by many different ways. However, the best way is through play and song. If you are thinking about your child learning another language, find a nursery that is able to teach them by playing and songs.

That is why at Hat-Tricks we teach children though songs and using musical instruments helping them to further learn a new language and enjoy the experience.

Have a song suggestion? Comment below and we will be sure to have a listen and you never know, add it to the plan for next term.

Have a great day!

Zoe x